Shifting Boundaries|Jun.19.2020-Aug.09.2020

Shifting Boundaries|Jun.19.2020-Aug.09.2020

Presented  ByWEN Jing

Organizer WOOTON Gallery

Curator Joan Yan

VisualTingzhi ZHANG



We are very honored to announce that the New Summer Exhibition "shifting boundaries"  has been held on June 19, 2020. The exhibition lasts until August 9, 2020.

The rapid development of information globalization and technological revolution is the inevitable result of economic demand. For the generation that is in the post network period, it has been greatly impacted both mentally and materially. The diversity and fuzziness of personal identity eliminate the traditional definition of identity. People's sense of identity for thinking and exploring their own identity is a contest between the objective things and the thinking movement. The "contest" referred to here is more of a metaphysical thinking and concept, which is an abstract substance. When we say that matter determines consciousness, we often define human consciousness as a subjective understanding of the objective world.  "Boundary dissociation" is like a journey of consciousness running in the direction of shackles.

Nietzsche once said, "the world is full of restlessness, because everyone is eager to liberate from their shackles.". It's a kind of imprisoned state in which the spirit is attached to the entity. It's also a kind of struggle of inner exploration brought by people's thinking and questioning about the established realistic boundary. The multi-dimensional experience and interpretation of the proposition of oneself is the source power of people's feelings between the virtual and the reality. It makes people have the ability to see the essence from different perspectives, and all the essence starts from the truth of "self".

The artist divides "being" by constructing "consciousness", which forms the view of mutual observation between virtual and reality. They use the interlaced perspective to search for themselves and constantly re recognize them. They start from the natural state of human beings, and explore the naivety of human beings. Boldly expose the nature of human society changed by the progress of time and things.

The six artists in this exhibition, Chen axis, Liang Hao, aaajiao, Feng Chen, Li Shun and SiMA yuan, use different media and creative languages to convey different subjective emotions through objective phenomena from the perspective of space, sense, history and time.

About artists

Xu Wenkai (aaajiao)


Aaajiao, the pseudonym of Xu Wenkai, a young artist, is also his fictional online avatar. In 1984 (the year of his birth happens to be the name of George Orwell's classic prophetic novel), he was born in Xi'an, one of the oldest cities in China. Many of his works are devoted to exploring cultural phenomena and political strategies under the influence of new technology and media, from social media writing, data processing, to the new aesthetic landscape under the network and mobile media. As a representative of the new generation of media art in the world today, aaajiao brings today's special social media culture and technology application into the discourse and discussion of international art.


Chen Zhou


Born in Zhejiang in 1987.,Chen Zhou Graduated from the media art laboratory of China Central Academy of fine arts. His works involve film, painting and writing. His first feature film "imitating life" (2017) won the New Vision Award of Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival, the Asian perspective award of South Korea DMZ Film Festival, and was shortlisted for the 61st London Film Festival.His latest personal project "Blue Hole" was on display in white cube Hong Kong (2018). Recent solo exhibitions include: "calm, 7"  HUNSAND,Beijing (2019); "Kaufman" Aike Gallery, Shanghai (2014); "I'm not not not not Chen Zhou", Magic Stone Gallery, Beijing (2013); "discussion", platform China, Beijing (2009).


Feng Chen


Born in Hubei in 1986, Fen Chen graduated from the new media system of China Academy of fine arts.Recent major solo exhibitions include: Feng Chen solo exhibition, “capsule Shanghai”, Shanghai, China (2019); "back of light - color", Basel art exhibition, Hong Kong (2018); Feng Chen solo exhibition, “capsule Shanghai”, Shanghai, China (2017). The works have been exhibited by OCAT, Guangzhou Triennial, Bulgaria International Film Festival, West Bank Art Center, new time line media art center, Shanghai Art Museum, Huayu Art Center, A4 Art Museum, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Mumbai City Museum and other art institutions.


Liang Hao


Born in Guangdong. Currently living and working in Beijing, China. In 2012, he graduated from the Department of painting, Academy of fine arts, Tsinghua University. Liang Hao's artistic practice takes painting as the main clue, and he also dabbles in different media. In recent years, he has been focusing on the metaphors, boundaries, relations, gender and identity of actions in images. Recent solo exhibitions include: fold of time, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong (2020); vision, Line Gallery, Shanghai (2019), image and hunting ground, Line Gallery, Beijing (2017).


Li Shun


Born in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1988, he has obtained bachelor's degree and master's degree from cross media art college of China Academy of fine arts. Now he lives and works in Hangzhou. Recent major awards and exhibitions: nomination of art 8 China Young Artist Award (2019); Top 20 China contemporary photography new photographer (2017); silver award of opening exhibition of folk power · Beijing Minsheng Modern Art Museum (2015); nomination of the Sixth third cinema Photography Award (2014), etc. Individual exhibitions include: sleepwalking, Beijing present gallery, Beijing (2019); Chinglish, make room, Los Angeles (2019); Haimian, Beijing present gallery, Beijing (2018); Basel Art Fair (Hong Kong) Li Shun personal project, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong (2018); individual exhibition of the same name of "Li Shun", Beijing present gallery, Beijing (2016), etc.


SiMA yuan

At present, she works and lives in Beijing. She graduated from Nanjing University with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from London University of art and London School of media. Main solo exhibitions: access, telescope artist studio, Beijing (2019); awareness,FOTOMEN,Art Museum, Beijing (2018); second sex, the 10th Lianzhou International Photography annual exhibition, Lianzhou (2014); “another Europe”, Central Saint Martin School of art and design, London, UK (2010), etc. Her works have been exhibited in the British format International Photography Festival, the Art Museum of Nanjing Art College, 501 preface space, Jinan International Photography Biennale, cappuso Art Museum of Norway, TEDA Contemporary Art Museum, China Century Monument, Tianjin Art Museum, Rongyi Art Museum and other institutions.