Reverse Amplification



Producer:Wen Jing

Artists: Lu Liantao/Yan Kai


We are honored to launch the exhibition "reverse amplification" ,this exhibition will last until January 20, 2020.

“Reverse” is both the source and the opposite. Lu Liantao and Yan Kai think that deconstruct and enlarge the sparse and ordinary scenes in their daily life, which makes their works full of observation perspectives that need us to reshape.

In the urban space full of high-density anxiety, the multiple integration and collision of social form and life style are affected by the two pole game of part and whole, abstract and concrete, individual and society. With the continuous development of technological innovation, the living environment of human beings has formed a deep dialogue and explored the way of coexistence. In this dialogue, high-quality thinking and expression are urgently needed. Artists with experimental spirit inject their novel perspectives into their works, go deep into the humanities, form creative forms with different styles, and provide outlets for the gathered emotions. In this exhibition, we will experience more intense and extreme emotional concentration.

The opposite, absurd and ironic speculative meaning lies in teacher Yan Kai's paintings, silently discussing such grand propositions as the cultural differences between the East and the west, the powerlessness of life, and consumerism.

Mr. LV liantao is trying to plunder your peace and provoke everyone's sensitive and fragile nerves, which will trigger the body movements of anxiety, irritability and resistance to emotion to be enlarged, doubled and repeated without any politeness. They are undoubtedly keen insight and thinker, but also sharp creators and Expressionists.

Works of art are often related to personal life. The theme exhibition of reverse amplification will restore the core of two artists' works, provide comfortable and free context for the creator and the receiver. The two artists listen, visualize and seek for the self and the external world, forming their own rich and improved language system, which is the evidence of their own life Through the opportunity of this exhibition.