Producer:Wen Jing

Curator: Zhang Ting

Artists:Ge Ziyu/Guo Mengyao/Huang Jia/Ingrid Ledent/Li Di/Liu Ke/Liu Xi/Pang Hailong/Wang Zhiyi/Wang Man


We are honored to launch the group exhibition "TO SPEAK" with the theme of abstract art. On the way of long-term study and creation of abstract art, the ten artists participating in the exhibition have practiced the image symbols with visual energy, such as point, line, surface, shape and color. These symbols will collide and interweave with each other at the exhibition site, presenting multiple visual feelings and bringing different spiritual experiences to everyone.
The theme of the exhibition " TO SPEAK" comes from the reference in "Zhuangzi Tiandao" that "the meaning follows, can't be said". Zhang Ting, the curator of the exhibition, thinks that the "can't said" in it is not a complete silence, but a peaceful and natural way of speaking, so as to avoid false and mysterious words.

For abstract art, "wordless" is only its way of expression. It uses its language to express the aesthetic feelings of human beings. Therefore, abstract art can not only be said, but also be interpreted from different logical dimensions.