SIMA yuan's works have a strong vitality. Painting, photography, installation and poetry are all within her scope of creation. She pays attention to the development of the Internet and the humanistic changes under consumerism. With her strong observation, she transforms the collected external information into her artistic language and creates again. Whether it comes from real life or virtual network, it is the dialogue between her as an individual and different time and space. She easily immersed her words and life in her judgment and understanding of the current civilization system and traditional values, and met and reactivated the network messages that could not have met each other in her works, forming a new art language family.




2019”Acquired” , telescope artist studio, Beijing

2018 "awareness", FOTOMEN, Beijing

2014"The second sex" , the tenth Lianzhou international photography exhibition, Lianzhou

2010 "another Europe", central St. Martin School of art and design, London, UK. His works have been exhibited in The British Format International Photography Festival, The Art Museum of Nanjing Art College, 501 Preface Space, Jinan International Photography Biennale, cappuso Art Museum of Norway, TEDA Contemporary Art Museum, China Century Monument, Tianjin Art Museum, Rongyi Art Museum and etc..