Li Shun


Li Shun is good at capturing light and shadow. His creation focuses on photography, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, etc. His works are good at capturing the expression of light and shadow and redefinition of history. By trying different ways of photographic expression, combining the rearrangement of painting and history books, he has formed his own unique artistic language. Using the times, uniqueness and criticality of the relationship between art and social production, this paper distinguishes the value of an ordinary photographic work or painting work. In his works, we can often see the breaking and combination of "established history" and "past time", which endows "tradition" with new thoughts and interpretations.




2019 "Sleepwalking" , Beijing present Gallery, Beijing

2019 "Chinglish, make room", Los Angeles

2018 "sea", Beijing present Gallery, Beijing

2018 Basle (Hong Kong) Li Shun - personal project, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

2016 Hong Kong "Li Shun" solo exhibition of the same name, Beijing present Gallery, Beijing