Fen Chen


Feng Chen's works try to make videos with different materials, not only limited to projection, television and video media. He is interested in the influence of the image, the disappearance of the image and the process of its appearance on the senses, making the work itself temporal. His creation aims at building on daily events and characters, and then by peeling off their appearances layer by layer, it will be transformed into a kind of confusing presentation. In his works, perception and reality interact in a labyrinth way, reiterating that experience is the most important and real part of existence and the ultimate essence of reality.




2019, FengChen solo exhibition, "capsule Shanghai", Shanghai, China

2018, "back of light - color", Art Basel, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2017, FengChen solo exhibition, "capsule Shanghai", Shanghai, China. The works have been exhibited by OCAT, Guangzhou Triennial, Bulgaria International Film Festival, West Bank Art Center, new time line media art center, Shanghai Art Museum, Huayu Art Center, A4 Art Museum, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Mumbai City Museum and ect..