Xu Wenkai


Many of aaajiao's works focus on new thoughts, controversies and phenomena under the influence of the Internet, especially data processing, blog world, firewall and other themes. A Jiao's works are full of strong anti Utopian consciousness and Reflection on Literati Spirit. He tries to expand your sensory perception, explore people's memory and attention by observing the real environment and self-consciousness, so as to think about the boundary as a person. Individual memory is very scattered. With the change of time, we can see a larger truth in a limited way.




2018 "1989 to today: the art of the Internet Age",Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston ,USA

2017,"Unreal"Home of Electronic Art, Basel, Switzerland

2017 "body media II",Shanghai Museum of contemporary art, Shanghai

2016 "time shift: Contemporary Asian Art and speculation", Spencer Art Museum, Kansas, USA