Liang Hao


Liang Hao's works mainly focus on painting and image themes, and explore the possibility of individual transcending time and space and breaking through material, which is the entanglement between the construction of illusory intention and real memory. His works constantly try to adjust the distance between the reality and the virtual, combine the extreme emotional restraint with the super rational logical structure, describe the abstract virtual emotion with the concrete realistic form, and give people a real and elusive imagination that they want to approach. "The light in the day doesn't know the depth of the night". Liang Hao's works seem to be simple in color matching, but in fact, they are to eliminate unnecessary emotional catharsis and bring strong inner resonance with peaceful visual senses.




2020, "folds of time",10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong

2019, "a vision",Line Gallery, Shanghai

2017, "image and hunting ground", Line Gallery, Beijing