Chen Zhou


Chen's creation covers comprehensive image, painting and writing. He thinks that we created the prison of the world with the definition, and freedom is the uncertainty before the definition. He is used to integrating into the familiar daily life, then moving to the abstract level, hoping to lead himself to a new interpretation of imprisonment and liberation. On the one hand, he describes the nature of death in contemporary life, and at the same time, he breaks down the inherent experience in a humorous way to release the original uncertainty of the world. He often uses a very direct expression to accurately describe the feelings that are not very clear. Both in structure and color, he conveys the ultimate "reception" and "release".




2019, "calm, 7", HUNSAND, Beijing

2017, "imitating life" won The New Vision Award of Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival,The Asian Perspective Award of South Korea DMZ Film Festival, and was shortlisted for The 61st London Film Festival. As an artist, he was selected in art review future greats 2018

In 2014, "Kaufman" Aike Gallery, Shanghai

2013, "I'm not not not not Chen Zhou", Magic Stone Gallery, Beijing

2009 "discussion", platform: Beijing, China